Study Case

Agency: S&R

Project: Branding

Year: 2016


Corporate identity design

Gustavo Bozzoli came to us through a colleague recommendation, he told us he was starting his venture by setting up his own construction company in Buenos Aires. We were there to give life to his new personal project.


BARQS already had its own name, so we started from there to find a concept that communicates the company slogan: "We build well." The key triggers were the synthesis between durability and structure.





We went ahead looking for a sober, professional and elegant style for each object where we applied the logo. The brand works as a pattern or a seal, inside or outside of the compositional structure.

design &

BARQS could not be left alone only with graphic design and branding, we also worked together to develop their responsive HTML5 website.


We consulted every need that BARQS wanted to be achieved with their website. We started with the information that would be displayed as a project showcase and the social feeds panel where their news will be communicated.

One page

The site is programmed to load fast without a preloader, all the images are optimized and the navigarion is very user friendly, just a couple of scrolls will revelate all the website content.


The news feed updates of social networks was of vital importance, for that reason we implemented an integration that brings the last contents posted on facebook, instagram, youtube and twitter.


Independent project pages, entrepreneurship showcase and full screen image galleries complete the development of this digital identity.

100% responsive

We made an adaptation of each project showcase so it would be able to take the maximum advantage in every breakpoint while you are navigating their galleries.

Cramer 3065

BARQS told us that they needed a redesign work involvinga brochure based on his new graphic design... we presented an overtake proposal for Cramer 3065 building brochure.

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