Study Case

Agency: S&R

Project: Interactive Trivia

Year: 2016

Interactive Trivia

& travel
with Dow

Trivia? Yeah, we already made a lot, but this one had something special: it was for the wisest group of argentinian sports journalists. And it was not an instance ... there were 3 trivia instances! Thank you Dow Chemicals for choosing us!

Be fast
& precise

Which sports journalist doesn´t want to travel to the Olympic Games and watch the most fascinating disciplines? Everyone! That's why the competition was so spectacular. They answered batches of 6 questions divided into 3 instances activated by personalized mailings.


A timer, consecutive correct answers bonus points and a single possibility to answer each trivia batch. On your mark, ready, go!

Two JJOO tickets
a los jjoo

All paid expenses, hotel, transportation and tickets to the main disciplines chosen by the winner journalist.


The activity compromise was awesome. We answered queries, made support and attended to all the curious questions and comments made by the journalists.

colour &
jjoo pets

Pets and Rio 2016 brand manual were incorporated into Dow Chemicals guidelines shaping the trivia interface design. Vibrant colors with pets and anchor messages to communicate each content in different instances.

100% responsive

Yes, all responsive, even the notifications of each response including welcome greetings and congratulations at the end of the trivia process. They could participate from different devices located anywhere around.


3 trivia batches

Each journalist received a notification at the activation stage, completion and finally a the correct answers at the end of each stage.

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