Study Case

Agency: S&R

Project: Digital Platform Design

Year: 2016

Interface design

Digital Platform Design

An enterprising colleague told us that he was working on something new and that he would need an idea to communicate his company concept. We started working together and gave life to FreedCon.

Launch your
web in 3 steps

FreedCon transforms your Facebook fanpage into a premium design website. All you need to do it is login to facebook and give it permission. It will increase your presence on the web.


The graphic design had to be illustrative characters looking, friendly and optimizable above all things. Looking at references we grab paper & pencil and started to sketch our ideas.

One page

We work in a single page landing with hierarchy delimited pages. The idea that thay wanted to communicate was the launch of your own website project in a matter of five to ten minutes.


The concept of launching rocket helped us to find compositive elements for the site, the idea of conquest, beginning and connection derived in our friendly astronaut.

Expand your

To achieve unity we define dark colors and elements, with predominance of gray chroma. The call to actions and the outstanding contents stand out through their vibrant blue colored palette.

100% responsive

In the structure the rocket is located as the result of the launch, which starts from the bottom where we located the launching platform.


Rockets & spaceships

The Freedcon world is composed by elements that give us space as a destination for launch projects, each element has a morphology, a palette of colors, and textures that gives them an unique touch.

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