Study Case

Agency: S&R

Project: Web App Design & Development

Year: 2016

Web App Mobile

Social media enhancer

Lenovo, creator of Thinkpad, this global computer giant proposed us the challenge of creating a mobile application for its staff of professionals, The Voice was already growing.

a New way
of sharing

We knew that Lenovo had a very important community in their social networks, that was another challenge: get your employees to share the content of your company based on a common goal, but not any way of sharing ...crossnetwork sharing!


Using the content of twitter, facebook and linkedin networks the application gets together every companny post and offers the possibility of sharing it in the own employees personal social networks.


Each employee can choose where and when to share a post, all they need is to link their own personal networks into the app. Lenovo recognized the employees who share more content by giving them an award.


The content was already on its social networks, that´s why aditional content wasn´t needed, we worked with what we had and we generated this content amortization enhancing the reach of each post.

web app

OS and Adroid ready, The Voice presents a vibrant color and an amazing font with great potencial such as the Raleway. A user panel with score, shared posts, and active networks are some of the functionalities involved in this mobile web app.

100% responsive.

The Voice adapts itself for the mobile device that you wanted to use and gives you the same possibilities even if you´re using a smartphone or a tablet.


for employees

An footbal team shirt? A dinner with a partner or a friend in a restaurant of Buenos Aires? They choose the prize and decide to post the content to reach it. Lenovo communicates, they amplify the message.

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