Study Case

Agency: Crea

Project: Website Dedign

Year: 2016

New website

you eat a
little lie

Crea called us and said: "Are you ok for work on the Mostaza website design?" ...we said yes, without hesitation of course. That design was ours.

for real

Mostaza wanted an impactating website, with videos, interface design and adapted navigation for their consumers and community. Something with rhythm, where each section has a clear and direct cover without losing the playful style.


A new section where they could and show a search engine with all their places. The implementation of geolocation functionality was very important.


The navigation had to be a burger menu, it could offer clear access to all its pages and social networks.


Their social community is a target that accesses the website from mobiles devices, that's why we contemplate mobile ready breakpoints for tablets and smartphones.


We designed typographics video covers for all website pages. Those covers are animated and layered over video-backgrounds, they needed bold compositions highlighted in visual hierarchies.

100% responsive.

All the site content information and structure is organized for the best optimization in mobile devices, it would show you what you want to see.

a human
touch for

petti & del moro

Petti and Del Moro were hired as part of the marketing campaign in commercials and social networks, they manage to generate a
human tone and empathy.

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